Berlin Urban Circus show
29.12.2020 21:00 Helloweenspecial Stream
30.12.2020 14:30 for kids and grown ups Stream

Zirkus Mond is a circus tent permanently located in Greifswalder S-Bahn (Berlin) inside a creative park of contemporary artistic creation (Disko Babel). The main purpose of the space is to facilitate activities related with the Performing Arts: Circus, Theater and Dance.

Since September 2018, Zirkus Mond has regularly hosted variety shows and cabarets as well as workshops of circus arts and because of the arrival of the pandemic we started to make our circus shows live in streaming since the 21st of March 2020 and throughout the lockdown period we did 7 episodes of our Digital Tour “Dreamstream”.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback of the public has motivated us to continue working in this way. After our experience during the lockdown with the streaming shows we decided to continue broadcasting our shows online.

You can contact ZIRKUS MOND via: