anleitung auf englisch / instructions in english / instructions en anglais / instrucciones en inglés

on the maps you run with the arrow keys or WASD, hold down shift to run.

for a better overview, use ctrl and +/- to zoom in and out.

in case of bugs/errors just restart/log in again.

the “vizworld” consists of various maps that can contain interactive elements such as websites, audio or jitsi rooms as well as interactions with other players. interactions open up when you move across certain areas or meet other players.

if you meet other players on the map, a group conversation will start and your camera and microphone will be shared with the others. group conversations are marked by a white circle around the participating players. they can grow up to 4 people, after which they are ‘full’ and the circle turns red. but there are also fixed spaces (carpets with camera symbols) built into the maps for larger babble rounds. since group conversations are based on peer-2-peer technology, your ip address will be shared with the other participants. use vpn if needed.

the pink trees and the white animated circles/teleport portals are entrances and exits to other maps. the black and white trees without leaves are in exits to the central map. but they also have animated green exit “signs”. you may end up on maps where there is no exit or way back, just restart/log in… to keep up to date with the latest maps and functions, it is worth clearing your browser cache before visiting.

have fun! 🙂

! just be excellent to each other !

feel free to “bring” friends and use the world, there is enough space! against isolation! fckc19! but please don’t spread & post the link publicly…
no racism
no antisemitism
no sexism
no trans & homophobia
no nationlism

\( ゚ヮ゚)/-> 24/7 open/online ~~ except for server maintenance oÄ ~~ (V) (°,,,,°) (V)

a vizak diy service for a better world….