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muzak vizak ak A :
vizak is a small collective of friends and comrads who are providing art-culture-media and political content at rc3, this years online-only-congress of chaos computer club, the international hacker and free-information network, based in germany. vizak is trying to combine live-broadcasting of underground and resistance theory and practice with multi-platform narratives of political education and art and media activism. no profit but emancipation and revolutionary enjoyment. there will also be a lot of music and a digital tresure hunt on issues of migration…

@ #rC3 congress: vizworld

mastodon… #vizak #hashtag: viz_A_k(@)

twitter … @vizakaos

konstruktiven email nonsens, bähschwärden, basteltips, ergänzungen, musikempfehlungen uÄ bitte an: input.vizak(@)

constructive email nonsense, complaints, tinkeringtips, additions, musicrecommendations etc. please send2: input.vizak(@)

les courriels constructifs, les plaintes, les conseils de bricolage, les ajouts, les recommandations musicales, etc. doivent être envoyés Ä: input.vizak(@)

tonterías constructivas de correo electrónico, quejas, consejos de retoque, adiciones, recomendaciones de música, etc. por favor enviar ö: input.vizak(@)